According to Kyle Draper of Comcast SportsNet, former Boston Celtics forward Walter McCarty is set to join Brad Stevens' staff as an assistant coach. 

Draper tweeted the news about a half hour ago and it was ESPN's Jeff Goodman that confirmed the report. 
McCarty, 39, got his start in coaching back in 2007 when he accepted an assistant coaching job at the University of Louisville. It was there that he worked under his former University of Kentucky and Boston Celtics head coach, Rick Pitino. 

A few years later, McCarty was named assistant coach by the Indiana Pacers where he would, once again, join forces with a former coach of his, Jim O'Brien. However McCarty's tenure in Indiana was short lived. The organization decided to part ways with the former NBA vet when they hired their current head coach, Frank Vogel, in 2011. 

Now, almost two years later, McCarty appears set to assume his third assistant coaching position but this time around will prove to be a little bit different from the previous two. Sure, McCarty will be taking on duties typical of an NBA assistant coach but his role with Boston will also have him serving as a mentor to the younger guys on the roster, more specifically, Rajon Rondo. Both Rondo and McCarty are Kentucky alum which gives them something in common right off the bat. 

After all, Stevens and the Celtics had made it clear that they were looking for a former player to fill one of the remaining vacancies on Stevens' staff and McCarty and James Posey were the top two candidates.

Apparently the Celtics saw something in McCarty that they didn't find in Posey. But while either one of the pair would have done just fine, here's hoping that McCarty gives Tommy Heinsohn a number of reasons to shout, "I LOVE WALTAHHH," during broadcasts this year. 


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