According to A. Sherrod Blakely of CSNNE.com, Phil Pressey has secured a training camp spot with the Boston Celtics, becoming the only non-first round pick on the Celtics' Summer League roster to receive an invite. 
The Celtics extending a camp invite to Pressey is anything but surprising. The former Missouri point guard was at the top of Danny Ainge's "Most Wanted" list going into the draft and he even considered taking him with the 16th overall pick. Instead, Ainge traded up to select Kelly Olynyk but he never took his eyes off of his coveted point guard. 

Immediately following the completion of the draft, Ainge contacted Pressey, an undrafted free agent, and signed him. 

Over the course of this week Pressey, son of former Milwaukee Bucks standout Paul Pressey, has played extremely solid basketball, proving that he's capable of making an impact in multiple facets of the game. In three outings he has averaged 11.3 points, 4.3 assists, and 2.0 steals, not to mention the 6 point, 10 assist, and 3 steal performance he just put together against the Houston Rockets. 

Although he is undersized, Pressey could be the back-up point guard that the Celtics have so dearly needed these past few years. He has above average offensive instincts which will allow Brad Stevens to hand him the reins when Rajon Rondo needs a breather. And on a Celtics team that features guards that excel on the defensive end -- Avery Bradley and Courtney Lee -- Pressey should have no problem fitting in. 

From what I can gather both Stevens and Ainge are big fans of this kid. As long as he doesn't forget how to play basketball between camp and the start of the regular season we should expect to see him playing with the big club in 2013-14.


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