Could it be? Could it all be over? Maybe, but then again, maybe not. This would mark the third time (including regular season) that talks between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers have been reported "dead." 

The news broke just a few minutes ago when Yahoo! Sports', Adrian Wojnarowski, tweeted this:
As far as NBA media goes, Wojnarowski is God. And whatever God says is what is currently going on. However, that doesn't mean that Wojo won't be hearing anything within the next few days, or hours, that discussions have resumed. After all, both the Celtics and the Clippers haven't done a very good job of keeping the construction of this deal private. Essentially, each side has leaked every little piece of information they had to the media. Usually, teams make sure to keep things under wraps while leaking little details every now and then. But each party failed to keep things to themselves and, as a result, both fans and media alike became annoyed by all the "he said, she said" that's been constantly going back and forth all week long.

Just like the fans and press, Doc Rivers is human too. Hearing a whole bunch of different stories, true or not, can be both exhausting and stressful, especially when your name is the focus of all the banter. Who knows if this truly how Rivers is feeling right now or if it is just another tactic the Celtics are using to get their desired compensation. Either way, despite Wojo's report, I think it's safe to say that these talks won't officially be over until the Clippers hire a new head coach. 

As always, stick with Celtics Spot as we will be updating you on anything new that develops.


06/22/2013 10:37am

Bring Doc rivers to the knicks


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