If you were watching Sunday night's contest in New York, you may have noticed Paul Pierce icing his ankle late in the fourth quarter. The Truth had suffered a sprain to that ankle earlier in the game and as a result he missed Monday night's match-up at Minnesota. But was it really all just because of a bum ankle?

Celtics insider, A. Sherrod Blakely, had originally reported that Pierce would be missing the game because of his injury. He then continued on and stated that Doc Rivers told the media that Pierce would be out due to "personal stuff." Personal stuff? It almost seemed like the Celtics were going the same route Miami was by resting their players and claiming they had legitimate reasons to be out. However, I then realized that there had to be a good reason for it since Boston isn't made up of arrogant scumbags and, as expected, indeed there was. 

It turns out, Pierce was told to stay back home because his wife was very close to giving birth to the couple's first son, and later on that night Prince Paul Pierce was born.

The Truth Jr came at just the right time. Because Paul was with his wife he killed two birds with one stone. Not only did he get to witness the birth of his first son but the time away from the team also allowed that ankle to rest a little. While the latter certainly isn't as significant as the former both are great things for Celtics Nation. Hopefully the excitement that comes with having a child fuels Pierce for Boston's post season run. Congratulations to Paul Pierce and his family. Welcome to Celtics Nation Prince!


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